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Project highlights:

Core teams per role

Role Core team
User Jones
Project Manager Alexandre Alvaro, Marcelo Guedes
Business Analyst Luckerson Carvalho Cruz, Sidney Carvalho Nogueira, Antônio de Vasconcelos Carneiro Campello, Thiago Luiz Vieira de Lima Santos, Alexandre Alvaro
Quality & Process Engineer Márcia Seabra Cabral, Paulo Rogério P. Andrade
Developer Thiago Luiz Vieira de Lima Santos, Alexandre Alvaro, Paulo Rogério P. Andrade, Sidney Carvalho Nogueira
Tester Sidney Carvalho Nogueira
Configuration Management João Marcos Pedrosa de Vasconcelos, Paulo Rogério P. Andrade
Designer Luckerson Carvalho Cruz, Alexandre Alvaro, Thiago Luiz Vieira de Lima Santos
Table 1. roles vs. core team members

Core members vs. roles

Bold roles means that the member belongs to the core team for the specific role

Please take a look at core team definition placed at USINA's methodology. to verify what are the differences between an individual playing a role as a core member and being a simple contributor.

Member Main role Other roles
Alexandre Alvaro Project Manager Developer, Designer and Business Analyst
Antônio de Vasconcelos Carneiro Campello Business Analyst Project Manager
João Marcos Pedrosa de Vasconcelos Configuration Manager Quality & Process Engineer and Tester
Jones User  
Luckerson Carvalho Cruz Designer Business Analyst and Tester
Márcia Seabra Cabral Quality & Process Engineer Tester
Paulo Rogério P. Andrade Developer Configuration Manager, Quality & Process Engineer and Developer
Sidney Carvalho Nogueira Tester Developer
Thiago Luiz Vieira de Lima Santos Developer Project Manager, Designer and Business Analyst
Marcelo Guedes Project Manager Developer
Table 2. member vs. roles